>>>Regulations on the Management of Foreign-funded Urban Planning Service Enterprises
>>>Regulations on Administration of Foreign-Invested Construction and Engineering Design Enterprises
>>>Regulations on Administration of Foreign-Invested Construction Enterprises

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Mr Ruan Wenliang, attorney at law, graduated from Zhejiang University in 1988 and was awarded the Bachelor of Engineering. He was also a Civil and Commercial Law graduate of Tsinghua University who had been engaged in the aspect of construction and real estate development, design, construction management and economic management, investment, import, loans work and so on for more than 10 years. And now he is the director partner of Zhejiang Mingsheng Law Firm and the director of Ningbo Bar Association, having access to real estate economist qualification, construction project budget status, a qualified engineer. Admissed to the Bar in 1998 after working as a solicitor, he has been handling a large number of construction, real estate litigation and non-litigation legal affairs, BT and BOT invest in legal affairs every year, serving as a legal consultant for more than 20 units. Mr Ruan has well-grounded theory and has got several times to participate in provincial and municipal theoretical exchanges and won the third prize, respectively, the first prize. He is experienced in dealing with cases and has already successfully handled a number of wide-concerned and difficult cases. In 2007, Zhejiang Justice Department and the Bar Association gave Mr Ruan Wenliang an honor-the "Outstanding Contribution Award, Zhejiang Province, the cause of lawyers." Mr Ruan does well in construction, foundation engineering BT, BOT, real estate, administrative, corporate, investment, and criminal litigation and non-litigation cases and the legal team for a long time provide comprehensive and exellent legal services for real estate development companies, construction companies, financial institutions, real estate consumers, the property management business, marketing and planning business, investment companies and other various companies.


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Business Scope:

1. Real Estate
legal affairs in transferring and assigning, leasing, mortgaging of the right of land using;
legal affairs in the process of programming, designing, developing, managing, contracting and constructing of real estate project;
legal services in registering and investigating the title deed of house in the process of buying and selling house;
legal affairs in bank loaning, guaranteeing and mortgaging of real estate, buybacking of real estate, leasing of real estate;
legal services in lawyer's witnessing the buying and selling, leasing, guaranteeing, assigning of real estate, and in delegating the litigation, arbitration and mediation of the relevant issues in dispute.

2. Project
legal affairs in contracting and issuing contract, bidding and inviting bidding of constructing, installing, municipal works and gardening;
legal affairs in the project payment in arrears, material appropriation and the project consignment;
legal affairs in precedence as to the payment of project construction, and in realizing the precedence;
legal affairs in foreign contracted projects;
legal affairs in the entire process of Project BOT, BT;
legal affairs in project subcontracting, project insurance;other legal affairs relating to the project.

3. Infrastructure Project
project evaluation and feasibility of pre-legal review;
the feasibility of project financing, legal rationality review;
projects through BOT, BT drafting and implementation of legal review of contracts;
project bidding, contract drafting and legal review;
project Construction dispute resolution, mediation;
performance of the contract in the sub-project, quality, safety, regulatory and legal review period;
project delivery process of legal review.

4. Legal consultant
acceptance companies, organizations, groups of employed as a routine legal consultant;
as international and domestic investment, economic and technical joint ventures, trading, asset restructuring, etc. Special Counsel;
drafting of the review or modify the contract agreements, charters and other legal instruments and legal opinions;
to legal counsel or agent to participate in the negotiation of legal affairs negotiations and provide legal advice;
to participate as counsel or agent with other units, disputes between individuals in mediation, arbitration and litigation;
major projects on matters of corporate decision makers to provide feasibility reports and legal advice;
help enterprises to establish and improve the contract management system and other rules and regulations, assist in the management contract;
agents with the engaging party the other legal matters.

5. Investment
scheming and negotiation of investing enterprise's project;
issuing the report of project feasibility study, and issuing the report legal opinion;
drafting and modifying the agreement, contract and article of the investment;
legal affairs in loaning, financing and guaranteeing;
legal affairs in subscription, assignment, leasing and mortgaging related to the right of land use;
assignment and lien of shares;
legal affairs in foreign investment in infrastructures and key construction project;

6. Corporation
registration of enterprise and corporation;
incorporation of a corporation by foreigners in China;
the assignment and auction of the right of corporation's assets;
merger, division and acquisition of corporations;
bankruptcy, dissolution and liquidation of corporations;
reform of corporation's shares structure;
adjustment and reconstruction of the structure of corporation's assets;

7. Other legal affairs
litigation and non-litigation in civil and business affairs delegated by clients Tel:0574-27665778 ,87065826,13957872888
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